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And when Delaware state police went digging, they found Billy buried behind the house John had shared with Linda.

Police investigated for months as suspicion settled on Linda, her youngest daughter, Mellisa, and Mellisa's boyfriend, Willie Brown.

While she's most known these days as Caitlyn Jenner's ex and mother to Brody and Brandon Jenner, Linda famously dated Elvis Presley when she was in her 20s.

The two met in 1972, before dating for nearly five years.

They were married on , Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky, USA. Joined Japanese troups gymnasts (Keith's Vaudville) & traveled through all major cities in N. It belonged to a high tempered neighbor* (I'd be high tempered too! They joked about it saying they were eating Beef mid oot Zilt. I do not infer, but I have been asked if the name Hoover which is Holland Dutch has any blood line connections with H. There has been talk of relatives of many years past that migrated to Calif. (Thompson relatives I've traced to SF: - descendants of Jesse) There is no photo of Grandfather Andrew Green. Thompson; married Grace _____; (of Port Vue, Pennsylvania) 5.

[Book 0126, Page 0039; Name: Tinney, Prentice and Fudge, Hazel; Courthouse Marriage License Index Date: 03/01/1928; ]; HAZEL KATHLEEN GREENE TINNEY HISTORY BOOK pg 27; HAZEL KATHLEEN GREENE TINNEY HISTORY BOOK pg 28; Her first marriage was to George Fudge, , Greene County, Ohio, USA. Thompson; (is ----- than eighteen years of age ^but more than 16 years of age) and do hereby give my consent to her marriage to above named Jacob H. Rector and Mary, were living in Xenia, Greene, Ohio, as noted by the () of Xenia, Greene, Ohio. He was very religious and believed pictures are images which is forbidden in the Bible and would never permit a picture of himself. Sarah Anderson; [In 1845 John Wian and his family returned to Mifflin County, appearing for the first time on the tax list of Brown Township (which had been formed from the northern half of Union Township in 1836).

She moved in with John Charbonneau and had another child.

In the many years they’ve been together, Drew and Linda have dealt with numerous engagement rumors. Phan doesn’t just work with Drew and Jonathan– she’s their creative director, as well.

Starcasm writes, “Drew Scott– one half of HGTV’s famous Property Brothers duo– is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Linda Phan, and the couple have been fending off marriage rumors for almost as long as they’ve been together.” Last April Fools day, the couple posted two videos to Drew’s Twitter in which they pretended they got engaged. According to the Scott Brothers website, Jonathan and Drew were actors before foraying into real estate and construction.

In February, US Magazine reported that the two had split “because of too many outside pressures.” Nate Thompson has been a professional hockey player for over ten years, and signed with the Boston Bruins in 2005. He’s also played for the New York Islanders, and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

interesting life -- and now, she's finally opening up in a new tell-all almost 45 years in the making.

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