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He was then spotted by former Liverpool manager, Gerard Houllier at the age of sixteen but Liverpool had no intentions to sign him at that time because they thought he was too young and he needed more time to develop his skills.

Ronaldo recently picked up the Ballon d’Or after being voted the world’s best player, but Shayk did not accompany him to the ceremony in Zurich.

These two celebrities alone were responsible for the 10 most-liked photos in 2016, according to .

While Cristiano puts up a great fight on the field, his soccer prowess was no match for Selena's star power, with Gomez grabbing eight of the ten spots and Ronaldo only nabbing two.

All year long, we mere mortals tirelessly snapped, edited, and filtered our photos in the hopes that our selfies might garner a few dozen likes.

While that's all good and noble, those paltry numbers are nothing to the Instagram gods who can garner millions of likes with a single post. None other than Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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