Gerard mccarthy dating

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The 'Hollyoaks' hunk - who portrays bisexual cross-dresser Kris Fisher in the steamy Channel 4 soap - stripped off for a magazine spread in a bid show off his manly goods, much to the dislike of his mum.He told BANG Showbiz: "My mother is ready to completely disown me. She works in a primary school and all the mums know I'm her son!However, Ronny’s dating life hasn’t exactly been great since he came out, so instead of acquiescing to his father’s demands, he decides to show Arthur just how nice of a person Doug is by inviting him to dinner with the family.As much as Arthur might want Ronny to be happy, can he put the past aside and give himself and Doug a new start? Will Arthur be able to get over Ronny dating a ref?" Gerard recently shed his clothes for Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine in conjunction with the Everyman campaign to encourage men to check for testicular cancer.However, he also hopes to use the image as an advert for a new girlfriend.The Mc Carthys is an American television sitcom series created by Brian Gallivan, who also shares executive producer credits with Mike Sikowitz, Will Gluck, Richard Schwartz, and Andy Ackerman for CBS Television Studios and Sony Pictures Television.The series revolves around the Mc Carthys, a close-knit working class Boston clan whose sports legacy runs deep.

She showed her perfect body measurements in 2011 during FHM photoshoot, wearing only black bra and matching shorts. She competed on several reality shows, including Celebrity Masterchef and Pointless Celebrities.That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for the Mc Carthys, given that they’re supportive of Ronny’s sexuality and want him to be happy with someone worthy of him, except that this ref has a bad past with Arthur.The two haven’t exactly played nice when they’re on the same court together and Arthur is against Ronny being with him for that reason.In 1999, she won Miss Northern Ireland beauty contest.She holds a college degree in law from Queen’s University, Belfast. Zoe and Gerard got married in 2007 but divorced only two years later.

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