Dating tips for single ladies

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Identifying your relationship values—the ones that could lead to lasting love—is the first, crucial step toward finding someone who shares them.As early as the first few dates, you'll see clues that indicate those values. We’ve all experienced the dread of premature disclosure (giving up too much too soon). Never -- EVER -- be ashamed of who you are, and where you’ve been. If you’re not planning on a second date, woman up, and be honest, already. You don’t need to tell very much of your story in the beginning.Please don’t take offense, evaluate the point being made not the tone, and make sure to read ALL 12 Reasons.

Disclaimer: I didn’t hold punches on the guys, so in fairness I have to come out swinging with the ladies : ).

They are selfish, egotistical, and unwilling to take personal responsibility.

John Piper tells a great example in his article Can You Define the Relationship.

Does he look into your eyes, sit close to you, take your arm?

This kind of contact signals confidence and a need for connection, both of which bode well for a passionate relationship. (A sign that he appreciates affirmation.) When you talk about a dilemma, does he sympathize?

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