Dating industry revenue

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Now, just so we’re on the same page, 5% – 7% Annual churn – the good churn rate – translates to 0.42 – 0.58% monthly churn.

This means companies with acceptable churn only lose about 1 out of every 200 customers (or dollars) per month.

Reimbursement for medical practices has been impacted by various trends and healthcare industry changes over the last five to ten years.

The Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have tightened claims data submission requirements.And BVP’s assertion is backed up by Pacific Crest in their Private Saa S Company Survey Results that show roughly 70% of Saa S companies in their survey had annual churn in the . and sometimes much worse (as you’ll see in a second).Now what about the Saa S providers that aren’t included in surveys like that one or who don’t appear in the logo list of the top investor portfolios and who are just trying to grow? Honestly, for those companies, it isn’t a lack of customers in the front door that is stopping their growth; it’s the constant flow of customers out the back door that is killing their business!To really hit this point home, here’s a story from a conversation I had last week.The CEO of a cloud provider who competes in an extremely crowded Saa S product category (and hasn’t figured out why they exist yet) contacted me.

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