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The options backdating scandal that recently caught Apple’s chairman, Steve Jobs, is a microcosm of innovation, prosecution, and reform; now that a rule has been written to prohibit backdating, this particular scam will not happen again.It was felt, however, that to confer British citizenship automatically on all children of British mothers born before 1983 would cause difficulties in some cases, especially if the citizenship were backdated to the time of birth.Make a claim for Jobseekers Allowance either on the phone by calling 0800 055 66 88 or online by going to uk.You can reach a customer service representative Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 8pm.In your request for backdating, you need to tell us the date you want to have your claim paid from and also the circumstances that prevented you from making your application earlier.This would be for the period between when you want your award of Housing Benefit to start and when you actually make your claim.

Job seekers allowance is a part of the United Kingdom’s welfare system.

Plus, materials such as wire insulation can deteriorate over time.

If you don’t know when your wiring was last inspected, it’s worth paying a licensed electrician to give it a once-over, especially if you have any of these warning signs: Instead of the standard copper wire, many houses built in the 1960s and early 1970s have aluminum wiring, which is considered a safety hazard.

“Aluminum wiring connections often loosen up over time,” says Greg Fletcher, a master electrician, educator, and author of several books on wiring.

“That can cause overheating and possibly fires at receptacles when appliances are plugged in to them.” An inspection can determine whether it’s safe to leave the wiring in place.

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